10 Simple Child Diseases Home Treatment/Remedies for “Identification of Several Diseases Children” its symptoms and reason

Identification of Several Diseases Children

Treatment :

  1. A child closes his eyes again and again if he or she has been suffering from headache. Besides it, the child does not put his or her head on one place. Child’s neck inclines towards below and he or she beats his or her head and clashes everywhere. The skin of the head contracts due to headache. He or she put his or her hand on the head and pulls ears.
  2. If there is problem in urinary bladder of the child, he or she does not urinate because of pain a troubles more. Child gives up eating and drinking also.
  3. A child’s trouble can be understood by his or her weeping. If he or she weeps little, it should understand that the problem is also little but if the child weeps continuously and cries bitterly, it should be understood that the pain is unbearable.
  4. If the child bites his or her lipstongue and closes hisher fists tightly, it should be understood that there is pain in heart.
  5. If the child has not been evacuating stool and he or she watches towards opposite directions, it should be considered that there is pain in abdomen and anus.
  6. If the child has been suffering from such symptoms as constant desire for drinking water, difficulty in urinate and fits, it should be considered that there is pain in child’s abdomen.
  7. If a healthy child weeps again and again, it should be considered that there is pain in the stomach of the child.
  8. A child who sucks milk throws his or her tongue outside when he or she feels thirst.
  9. A child’s nostrils are blocked due to catarrh and he or she takes breath through mouth. He or she gives up nipple while sucking milk for little time and sucks milk again after taking breath.
  10. If child’s nostrils become big while breathing and his or her nostrils tremble, it should be considered that there is a lot of problem to the child while breathing due to cough.
  11. If you want to know the temperature of child’s body, thermometer should be put in child’s mouth because child’s pulse runs quickly by nature. Pulse rate may be the cause of illusion. Only very experienced doctors can understand pulse rate not novice. All illusion can be ended by the use of thermometer.
  12. Child’s stomach is big by nature. If the stomach is big than normal stomach, it should be considered that there is a problem in child’s liver and he or she has been suffering from, spleen diseases or indigestion. Medicines should be prescribed after knowing well about the disease.


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