Pulse Examination in first aid and sties of peripheral pulses-“Nursing Principles

Pulse Examination-Important principles of Nursing

 The pulse is felt over arteries where they lie over a bone and under the skin. It is felt due to the pulsatile flow of blood through the arteries as a result of contraction and volume tells about the condition of the heart and circulation.

The pulse can be felt at the following sites.

Sties of Peripheral Pulses

Vessel                                                        Site

Carotid – Against    transverse process of 6th cervical vertebra in the side of the neck

Axillary – Against the head of the humerus on the lateral wall of the axilla

Brachial – Against the humerus on the medial aspect of the arm

Radial – Against the lower and of the radius on the front of the wrist

Temporal – Against the temporal bone in front of the ear

Femoral – At the root of the lower limb

Popliteal – Against the upper end of tibia on the back of the knee

Tibial – On the medial aspect of the ankle

Dorsalis pedis – On the front of the ankle

Clinically the pulse is examined in the neck or at the wrist. The pulse rate is counted for 1 minute and is expressed in terms of beats per minute.

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