Ice bag procedure in first aid-“Nursing Principles”

Ice Bag Procedure 

It s a rubber bag in which pieces of ice are kept. It is used to reduce body temperature in cases of high fever, to reduce hemorrhage into a hematoma, and to relieve pain after blunt trauma.

The procedure for its use is as follows:

  1. Break ice into pieces of desired size. Place them in a bowl of water so as to remove sharp edges which could tear the rubber bag.
  2. Put them in the bag with a spoon. Add some salt to it so as to lower the freezing point further. Do not fill the bag more than 2/3.
  3. Place the bag on a flat surface, remove air from it and dry it.
  4. Place a mackintosh below the part to be cooled with the ice-bag.
  5. Place the ice bag over the part to be cooled.
  6. Check periodically to see that the part does not become numb.
  7. Do not leave very old or very young patients alone while the ice. Bag is being applied.
  8. Check the patient’s temperature periodically. Avoid overcooling.
  9. After use empty the bag. Dry it well from inside as well as outside. Let some air into it and place in cool, dry place.

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