Types of Unconsciousness and its first aid treatment-“Unconsciousness”


 Various types of unconsciousness are shown in the following table:

       Type                        features

Stupor-it is a state of semi consciousness in which person responds only to external stimuli or loud noise. Pupils of the yes contract in response to light

Fainting-it is the temporary loss of consciousness. The person recovers spontaneously.

Somnolence- it is a state when person feels sleepy or drowsy

Coma- it is a state of complete loss of consciousness. The person does not respond to even painful stimuli. Eye movements are absent. The pupils do not respond to light.

First aid

  1. Do not try to arouse an unconscious person. Let him lie quietly
  2. Do not pour water on him.
  3. Do not move him unnecessarily
  4. Let him have fresh air.
  5. Loosen clothes around his neck, chest and waist.
  6. Do not give him anything orally.
  7. Resuscitate him if he has cardio respiratory arrest.
  8. Keep him in recovery position.
  9. Apply specific treatment for the cause of unconsciousness
  10. Send him to a hospital immediately.


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