First aid treatment of Rape its causes and diagnose- “Rape”


It is defined as sexual intercourse of a female by force or under the threat of a force.

The victim suffers from the following.

Manifestation of Rape

Manifestation                            Features

Physical injury: Genital injury, local bleeding, wounds elsewhere on the body inflicted during attempts at resistance, fractures, and dislocations.

Phase of disorganization: Fear, anger humiliation, guilt, self blame.

Phase of resolution: Sleep disturbances, phobias, sexual fear.

First aid

  1. Reduce the emotional trauma of the victim.
  2. Reassure her that anxiety is natural and appropriate support will be given to her.
  3. Do not leave her alone.
  4. Give first aid for injuries.
  5. Do not chance her clothes or allow her to wash her private parts these need to keep undisturbed for examination by a doctor.
  6. Send him to a hospital immediately.
  7. Inform police

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