First aid treatment of piles (hemorrhoids) its causes and diagnose- “Piles (hemorrhoids)”

Piles (hemorrhoids)

There are varicose veins of the rectum. They may be caused by constipation. They feel like little lumps or balls when they prolapsed out of the anus during defecation or permanently. They cause bleeding per rectum when passing stools. They are painful when they get thrombosed. A hemorrhoid begins to bleed. The person develops anemia due to chronic blood loss.

First aid

  1. Give diet rich in fiber
  2. Give plenty of fluids orally.
  3. Give a laxative like isapgol or liquid paraffin at bed time. A glycerin suppository or an enema of soap or liver oil may also be used.
  4. Give sitz bath to get relief from pain. Make him sit in a tub filled with warm water to which some potassium permanganste has been added.
  5. Send him to a doctor immediately.


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