Types and features fever and its first aid treatment- “Fever”

Types and features Fever 

Fever is not a disease itself, but just a symptom of a large number of illnesses. The commonest cause is infection. Acute pyogenic infections cause high fever with chills. Chronic infections like tuberculosis cause low grade fever, often without chills. Various types of fever are shown in the following table.

Type                                       features

Continuous – the temperature does not fluctuate by more than 1 degree C in 24 hours, and always above 37 degree C.

Remittent – The temperature fluctuates by more than 2 degree C in 24 hours. 

Intermittent – Fever does not last for all of the 24 hours of the day.

First Aid

  1. Give complete rest in bed.
  2. Give plenty of oral fluids. Add a little sugar or jiggery to it to supply calories.
  3. Do tepid sponging in high fever. Cold compresses or ice bag may be applied to the forehead and abdomen.
  4. Give aspirin or paracetamol to lower the fever
  5. Shift him to a hospital immediately if he does not respond to these measures or if compilations develop like convulsions in a child or delirium.


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