First aid treatment of headache its causes and diagnose- “Headache”


Headache is pain anywhere in head. It may be constant, throbbing, or intermittent. It is a symptom of a disease and not a disease by itself.

Various causes of headache are as follows:

1. Refractive errors
2. Exhaustion.
3. Lack of sleep.
4. Anxiety
5. Dental caries
6. Sinusitis.
7. Constipation.
8. Common cold
9. Hypertension
10 Migraine
11 Brain tumors

First aid

  1. Place the patient in a dark, quiet place. Make him relax and not think about his problems
  2. Give aspirin or paracetamol orally.
  3. Shift him to a doctor if these simple measures fail to relieve the headache or if it recurs.

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