First aid treatment of Alcohol poisoning its causes and diagnose- Poisoning

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol (ethanol) is a drug of addiction that depresses the activity of the central nervous system. Prolonged intake can result in impairment of physical and mental abilities, and extensive damage to the liver and other organs in the body.

Acute alcohol poisoning is diagnosed by the following features.

  1. History of ingestion of alcohol may be present.
  2. Smell of alcohol is perceived on the victim’s breath.
  3. The speech is slurred.
  4. There is loss of coordination of physical activity.
  5. Breathing is deep and noisy.
  6. Pulse is full and bounding.
  7. Victim may be unconscious.
  8. The face appears flushed, dry, and bloated.
  9. There may be double vision. The pupils are dilated and they react poorly to light.
  10. Convulsions may occur.
  11. There may be aspiration of stomach contents in an unconscious person.
  12. Hypothermia may develop due to dilating action of alcohol on blood vessels.
  13. Head injury may occur due to a fall under the influence of alcohol.

First Aid

  1. Make a conscious victim sit up and vomit.
  2. Then give tea or coffee.
  3. If he is unconscious, send him to the hospital immediately.

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