First Aid Treatment of Ticks and mites bites its causes and diagnose- Bites and Stings

Ticks and mites bites

 Ticks are found in jungles. Tick is a small insect like a bed bug with a great capacity of stick to the body and suck blood. It spreads germs of certain diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Such conditions can arise. Mites are found in wood and stored grains. Their bite can cause typhus fever.

First Aid

1.A tick or a mite stuck to the skin should be pulled out forcefully as that may result in its mouth parts remaining behind and cause severe inflammation. If it gets crushed, the germs carried by it will enter body tissues. Touch it with the end of a burning cigarette. Then it comes off very easily. An alternative is to apply kerosene, turpentine, or some oil.

2. Wash the wound well with soap and apply a dressing to it.

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