First Aid Treatment of Spider bite its causes and diagnose-Bites and Stings

Spider bite

Spiders are generally found in corners of the house, gaps in wood, hollow places and dark places. Two types of spiders commonly found are black spider and tarantula. A tarantula is big, hairy and less poisonous, while a black spider is more poisonous.

Diagnosis of a spider bite is made by the following features.   

  1. The victim experiences severe pain locally.
  2. Redness and swelling develop at the site of the sting. Small blisters arise locally.
  3. The face, hands and legs develop swelling.
  4. Stomach cramps develop. Muscles become hard.
  5. Breathlessness and shock can develop. Death is rare.

First Aid

  1. Place the victim in a comfortable position.
  2. Cover him with a blanket or a bad sheet.
  3. If the bite is on a limb, tie a tourniquet proximal to the site of bite to prevent absorption of its poison and spread to other parts of the body.
  4. Clean and dress the bitten area.
  5. Shift him to hospital if his condition is bad.

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