First Aid Treatment of Heat Exhaustio its causes and diagnose-Effects of high temperature

Heat Exhaustion

It occurs in hot and humid environment after heavy and prolonged sweating either due to exposure to the sun or working in a close, hot atmosphere like factories, with failure to replace salt and water.

The condition is diagnosed by the following features.

  1. Restlessness exhaustion is present. Faintness may be experienced.
  2. Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting are present.
  3. Sometimes there are abdominal cramps, or cramps in the limbs.
  4. Temperature may be normal or subnormal.
  5. Skin may be cold and clammy.
  6. Breathing is fast and shallow.
  7. Temperature is normal and slightly elevated.
  8. There is pallor.
  9. There is loss of appetite.
  10. There may be shock.

First Aid

  1. Place the victim in supine position in a cooler place with fresh air.
  2. Give plenty of cold water (250 ml every half hour) with salt in it (2 teaspoons in 1 liter of water). Fruit juice may be given too.
  3. Give him plenty of salted water.

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