Drying Herbs in a Microwave oven-Herbal Planting

Drying Herbs in a Microwave oven- Herbal Planting

We sought the advice of an expert on microwave cookery who considers microwave drying a very efficient and quick method of drying herbs. It is advisable to first do a few trial runs, leaving the herbs that have been microwave dried for two or three weeks in airtight containers to establish that they have dried and not developed mould. For future reference, it is important to make a note of how long each herb was in the oven.

After picketing the herbs, wash and pat dry with a paper towel. Turn the oven on to full power and lay whole herb sprays, or stripped, fresh foliage, on two layers of absorbent paper on an ovenproof dish. The paper helps to absorb excess moisture. Most herbs seem to dry in about four minutes, feel them and if they are not crisp, leave them a little longer, making sure they do not discolour , each herb varies in drying time, so even half a as little as one minute to dry, and chives a little more than four minutes. Parsley is particularly rewarding. Becoming an even brighter green then when picked from the garden. Dried, whole sprigs look very attractive.

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