Fracture-Fracture of pelvis: Its cause, diagnose and first aid treatment

Fracture of pelvis: Its cause, diagnose and first aid treatment

Fracture of the pelvis is mostly due to a direct force, e.g. crush accidents; fall of the impact of a car dashboard on a knee can force the head of the thigh bone through the hip socket. It may also be due to an indirect force, e.g. fall from a great height on the feet. These may be complicated by injury to internal organs, particularly the urinary bladder and urinary passage, which the pelvis protects. Internal hemorrhage may be severe to enough to cause shock.

The condition is diagnosed by the following features.

  1. Pain and tenderness in the region of the hip, groin, and/or back, aggravated by movement.
  2. 2. Inability to walk or even stand, although the legs normal.
  3. Difficulty in passing urine.
  4. Blood in urine.
  5. Signs of internal bleeding and shock.

First Aid

  1. Place the victim the back with legs straight. Knees may be bent a little and a rolled blanket may place underneath them if the victim finds that more comfortable.
  2. Treat shock, if present.
  3. Ask him not to attempt to pass urine.
  4. Immobilize his legs by bandaging than together, placing padding between the bony points. But if that severe pain, untie them.

5. Shift him to a hospital on a stretcher in the most comfortable position

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