Hemorrhage- Tourniquet for control of severe bleeding in Hemorrhage

Tourniquet for control of severe bleeding in Hemorrhage

A tourniquet is a device used to control severe bleeding. It should be reserved for bleeding that cannot be controlled by other means. A tourniquet can be made from a strap, belt, handkerchief, towel or cloth. A cord should never be used as it can cut into the tissues. A tourniquet is applied between the heart and the site of bleeding. It is always placed over a single bone, e.g. humerus in the arm and femur in the thigh. It is not applied over the forearm or leg, as each of them has two bones.

Apply a tourniquet as follows.

  1. Place a pad over the site selected for application of the tourniquet.
  2. Wind the tourniquet tightly around the limb twice and tie a half knot the upper surface of the limb.
  3. Place a stick over the half knot and tie a full knot over Twist the stick until the bleeding stops. Secure the stick in place with the ends of the tourniquet.
  4. Make a written note of the time of application of the tourniquet.
  5. Shift the victim to a hospital immediately.


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