Hemorrhage- Hemorrhage causes, types and effects

Hemorrhage causes, types and effects

Hemorrhage or bleeding is a flow of blood from an artery, vein or capillary. It may be external (revealed) or internal (concealed). Depending on the vessel from which it takes place.

It may be of the following types.

Types of Hemorrhage

Type                              Features

Arterial – It is bright red in color. It spurts at each contration of the heart. Flow is pulsatile.

Venous- It is dark red in color. It does not spurt, but flows steadily

Capillary – It is red in color. It flows as ooze. When it occurs in tissues, it causes development of a bruise.

What are the effects of hemorrhage?

  1. Loss of red blood cells causes lack of oxygen supply to tissues.
  2. Blood pressure falls.
  3. If the bleeding is unchecked, shock develops. The loss of 15% of blood volume or more in the average male causes moderate shock. Loss of 30% or more of blood volume produces severe shock.

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