Bleeding -Bleeding varicose veins and its first aid treatment

Bleeding varicose veins and its first aid treatment

Varicose veins are distended dilated tortuous veins usually in the lower limbs. They do not have any competent valves, and hence when they get injured, the bleeding directly through the column of up to the Hence it is quite profuse.

First Aid

  1. Lay the victim down in supine position.
  2. Elevate the affected lower limb in a straight position well above the ground. This stops the bleeding by eliminating the effect of gravity.
  3. Make direct pressure over the bleeding site with fingers or palm of hand. Thai place a sterile bandage over it.
  4. Remove any constricting clothing like stockings or tights that may be impeding flow back to the heart.
  5. Shift him to a hospital afterwards.

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