Bleeding-Bleeding from mouth, causes and its first aid treatment

Bleeding from mouth, causes and its first aid treatment

 Bleeding from the mouth occurs from cuts in tongue, lips, gums or a tooth socket. It may be severe because the mouth is quite vascular. The Local injury is visible.

 First Aid

  1. Ask the victim to sit down with the head tilted forward and towards the injured side.
  2. Apply direct pressure over the wound by squeezing it between thumb and fingers over a clean dressing.
  3. In case of bleeding from a tooth socket, place gauze pad over it and then ask him to bite on it for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Do not wash out the mouth as this may disturb the clot and aggravate the bleeding.

5. Advise the casualty to spit out any blood in the mouth, as swallowed blood may cause vomiting

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