Wound -Wounds to chest, back and its first aid

Wounds to chest and back

This commonly occurs in traffic accidents and assaults with knife or gun. These are serious wounds as there is the grave danger of injury to the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels. Heart injuries may be fatal. Injuries to the lungs allow air to escape out, by the pressure of which the lungs collapse and the victim gets hypoxic. Injury to major vessels causes shock, and death if not treated in time. Multiple fractures of chest wall result in the area losing its rigidity and prevent its breathing movements. Broken bones may damage other internal organs or penetrate the skin causing a sucking wound. There may be coughing of bright red frothy blood if lung is injured.

First Aid

1.Seal the wound immediately with the palm of your hand, and then place a tight, leak-proof dressing over it.

2.Resuscitate the victim.

3.Treat shock.

4.Place him in recovery position with his body inclined towards the injured side so that uninjured lung is uppermost. Shift him to a hospital immediately.

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