Injury-Muscle Injuries and its first aid

Muscle Injuries

Type                    Features

Strain- There is a partial tearing of the muscle, often at the junction of the muscle and its tendon.

Rupture- There is a complete tearing of the muscle in its fleshy part or tendon.

Deep bruising – It occurs when there is severe injury to a large bulk of the muscle.

  1. There is severe and sharp pain over the site of injury to the muscle.
  2. The victim is unable to move the part. On making an attempt at moving it, there is sharp pain locally.
  3. The muscle may be swollen and stiff

First aid

  1. Give rest to the injured part.

Apply an ice pack locally to reduce swelling and pain.

Apply an elastic crepe bandage over the affected part.

Elevate the injured part.

Give paracetamol for pain.

Send him to a hospital whenever it is possible to do so.


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