Injury-Blast injuries and its first aid

Blast injuries

Explosions can result from a bomb blast or from accidental ignition of explosive gases. Explosions generate waves of high pressure that can damage lungs and other organs of the body. That can rupture ear drums, cause fractures, and cause embedding of glass pieces in tissues. The clinical features are those of respective injuries that have been discussed elsewhere.

First Aid

Do not move the victim unless it is necessary to get him away from further danger at the site of the explosion.

Reassure the casualty.

Place him in a half-sitting position, supporting the head and shoulders.

Loosen any constricting clothing that may impair breathing movements.

Treat bleeding and shock.

Treat wounds and burns.

Treat fractures.

Shift him to a hospital immediately.

Injuries to muscles

Muscles are of two types, voluntary and involuntary. Injuries occur to the voluntary or skeletal muscles. These may be due to overstretching, or tearing due to violent or sudden movements. Muscle injuries are of the following types.


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