Ventilation Methods in Cardiac Arrest/Heart attack

Ventilation methods in Cardiac Arrest/Heart attack

How to restore breathing?

Mouth to mouth ventilation

After the airway is cleared, listen for five seconds with your ear close to the victim’s nose and mouth. If breathing has not been reestablished, perform mouth to mouth breathing by the following technique.

l .Pinch and compress nose to close nostrils. Take a deep breath.

  1. Place your mouth over the victim’s mouth, making an airtight seal.
  2. Breathe into victim’s mouth four times quickly, taking quick breaths in between to refill your own lungs with fresh air.
  3. Allow patient to exhale passively by elastic recoil of his chest between two breaths.

Mouth to nose ventilation

Mouth to nose ventilation has to be used in situations such as mouth injuries making a good seal impossible or rescue from water.

  1. With the victim’s mouth closed, form a tight seal with your lips around the victim’s nose.
  2. Breathe into his nose four times quickly.
  3. Open the mouth to let the breath out after every breath in.
  4. Watch victim’s chest movement for rise and fall of chest with each breath to confirm adequacy of your ventilation. If the chest does not rise, check that you have a firm seal around the victim’s nose and you have closed the mouth completely.

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