Manual methods of artificial ventilation- Prone pressure method (Schafer)

 In certain situations, mouth to mouth respiration cannot be given e.g. when the face is damaged, the lower jaw is fractured, or the lips and mouth have been burned by a poison. In such cases, manual methods are used.

Prone pressure method (Schafer)

  1. Place the victim in prone position, head turned to one side, resting on the back of over lapped hands.
  2. Kneel by his side at the level of the hips.
  3. Place the hands on the lower part of the back, the wrists almost touching, thumbs forward and fingers apposed.
  4. Keep your upper limbs straight as you lean forwards so as to apply pressure by the weight of the body.
  5. Then rock backwards to release the pressure.
  6. Repeat the cycle 12 times a minute.

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