Manual methods of artificial ventilation- Hip lift back pressure method

In certain situations, mouth to mouth respiration cannot be given e.g. when the face is damaged, the lower jaw is fractured, or the lips and mouth have been burned by a poison. In such cases, manual methods are used.

Hip lift back pressure method

  1. Place the victim face down, forehead resting on the back of the
  2. Keep the head straight.
  3. Straddle the patient at the level of his hip, placing one knee and the other foot on the ground.
  4. Then bend forwards and catch the bony pelvis with both hands.
  5. Bend backwards keeping the upper limbs straight, such that the hips are lifted 10-15 cm above the ground, while you count one two-three.
  6. Lower the hips to the ground and slide the hands to the middle of the back just up to the tips of the shoulder blades, fingers spread and thumbs near midline, as you count four.
  7. Rock forwards keeping your upper limbs straight so as to apply pressure till resistance is felt. Count five-six-seven.
  8. Release the pressure gradually and slide the hands back beneath the hips again as you count eight.
  9. Repeat the whole process 10 times a minute.

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