How to restore Circulation in Cardiac Arrest/Heart attack

How to restore Circulation in Cardiac Arrest/Heart attack

Precordial thump is the first measure to be taken except for patients known to have myocardial disease. Make a sharp thump over the midsternal region with a closed fist. It may restore normal cardiac activity, especially in electric shock cases.

External cardiac massage is given if precordial thump fails to restore normal cardiac activity. Its technique is as follows.

  1. Place victim on a hard surface.
  2. Kneel by his side.
  3. Place heel of one hand over the 1-2″ above xiphoid process
  4. Place the other hand on top of it.
  5. Interlock fingers so as to keep them off the victim’s ribs.
  6. Compress downward making full use of your body weight to depress victim’s sternum by 1.5 to 2″.
  7. Relax pressure completely without lifting your hands from the victim’s so as not to lose correct hand position.
  8. Repeat all steps.
  9. After every 15 chest compressions give 2 quick lung inflations by mouth-to-mouth breathing.
  10. If there are two first aiders, one person can give the external cardiac massage, while the other gives the artificial ventilation. It is necessary to stop the cardiac massage when the ventilation is done.

What are the signs of successful resuscitation?

  1. Chest expansion occurs with each breath.
  2. A pulse is felt every time the sternum is compressed.
  3. Pupil appears normal and reacts to light.
  4. Normal heart beat returns.
  5. A spontaneous gasp occurs, followed by spontaneous breathing.
  6. Limbs movement return.
  7. Color of the skin improves.

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