First aid and its History



First aid is the initial temporary and immediate treatment given to a person who is injured or suddenly becomes ill, using facilities available at that time and place, before regular medical help can be imparted.


First aid has been given to wounded and sick people since ancient times. In considered to have the idea of first aid was conceived by General Esmarch, a famous germen Surgeon Formation of St. John ambulance association in1877 was the beginning of a worldwide effort at giving first aid. The Red Cross is a worldwide organization. Red Cross Society of India was established in 1929. It has achieved a great improvement and prevention of disease. It gives the following services.

  1. Provision of help in natural disasters like earthquake, storm, cyclone, famine, and epidemics of diseases.
  2. Provision of aid to the wounded in war.
  3. Distribution of milk, medicines, vitamins, and many other items to hospitals, schools, maternal and child health services.
  4. Provision of technical and assistance in the development of maternal and child services.
  5. Training people in first aid and nursing.
  6. Imparting health Education.

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