Medicinal use of Valerian in Hysteria, Menstruation, Measles, Scarlet fever, Restlessness

Valerian: Valerian officinalis

Part used: Root

Aromatic, stimulant, tonic, anodynem antispasmodic, nervine

Excellent nerve tonic. Valuable in hysteria. Taken hot will promote menstruation. Excellent for measles, scarlet fever, restlessness, convulsions in infants. Useful in colic, fevers. Will break up colds. Good for gravel in bladder. Heals ulcerated stomach. Powerful preventive of fermentation and gas. Do not boil root. A little peppermint increases promptness of action. Excites the cerebro- spinal system. In large doses it will cause headache. Valerian added to boiled liquorice, raisins and anise seed is good for cough, shortness of breath and to expectorate phlegm. Eases pain. Promotes sleep.

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