Medicinal use of Saffron in Sage in Kidney and Liver Trouble

Sage: Saliva officinalis

Part used: leaves

Sudorific , astringent, expectorant, tonic, aromatic, antispasmodic, nervine, vermifuge.

Wounds heal more rapidly when washed with sage tea. Soothing to the nerves. Good for palsy. For quinsy and sore throat drink the tea and also gargle. Especially good mixed with lemon and honey. Expels worms. Will stop bleeding. Good in kidney and liver trouble. Effective in fevers, ‘flu (taken hot). Will relieve pain in head. Will dry up breasts. Will make hair grow when hair roots are not destroyed. Removes dandruff. Good in joint pains. Excellent to strengthen the memory. Quickens the senses. Good when weaning a child for that reason it is not good if a woman hopes to breast feed her baby. Gives a quality of acute mental discernment.

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