Medicinal use of Plantain in Sores, Ulcers and Burns

Plantain: Plantago major  


Part used: Whole plant

Alterative, diuretic, antisyphilitic, antiseptic astringent, deobstrunet, styptic, vulnerary.

The American Indians used this herb. Both the narrow and wide leaf are good. Has soothing, cooling, healing effect on sores, ulcers and burns. Fresh leaves (crushed) will check bleeding. Useful for erysipelas, eczema burns and scalds. Make a strong tea and apply often. Inject the tea for hemorrhoids after each stool. For hemorrhoids, boil the herb slowly about two hours in soy bean oil or other good vegetable oil. For leucorrhoea, use a strong tea as a douche. Especially valuable   for diarrhea, kidney and bladder trouble, pain in lumbar area, bed wetting. The green leaves (bruised) are applied as a poultice and boils. Will ease pain in bowels. Will clear head of mucous. Used effectively for dropsy. A tea made with distilled water is used for a wash for inflamed eyes. Expels worms. Equal parts of plantain and yellow dock make an excellent wash for running sores, ringworm, and impetigo. Also excellent in salve for new or old sores.

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