Medicinal use of Fleabane, Gentian and Ginseng

Fleabane: Erigeron caradense

Part used: The whole plant

Styptic, astringent, diuretic, tonic

Excellent for summer complaint especially for children when all other remedies fail. Colon trouble. Bladder trouble, scalding urine, hemorrhages form bowels and uterus. Use in an enema.

Gentian: Gentiana lutea

Part used: Root

Stomachic, tonic, anathematic, antibilious

Powerful and effective and reliable tonic. Purifies blood. Good for liver complaints. Excellent in spleen affections. Improves appetite. Strengthens digestive organs. Increases circulation. Invigorates entire system. Useful in fevers, colds. Expels worms. Excellent in suppressed menstruation. For scanty   urine. Remedy against intermittent fever in malarial countries. Acts like quinine. Allays poisons form mad – dog bites, insect and snake bites. For chills, hourly does with a little cayenne added.

Ginseng: Panax quinquefolia

Part used: Root

Demulcent, stomachic, slightly stimulant

Promotes appetite. Useful in digestive disturbances. For colds, chest troubles and coughs. Will produce perspiration when taken hot. Good for constipation, inflammation of urinary tract. The Chinese take ginseng as a precautionary measure against diseases of every kind.

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