Medicinal use of Dandelion, Coriander, Corn silk and Creeping Jenny

Dandelion: Taraxicum dens-leonis

Part used: Leaves and root

Hepatic, aperients, diuretic, depurative, tonic, stomachic

Purifies blood. Destroys acids in blood. Excellent for anaemia. Root is used to increase flow of urine. Is slightly laxative. Good for jaundice, eczema, kidney trouble, dropsy, inflammation of bowels and fever. Has a beneficial effect on female organs. Increases activity of liver, pancreas and spleen. Good in enlargement of liver and spleen. An excellent sub statute for coffee. A slow tonic. Good when combined with peach leaves. Also good for nervous debility. Root combined with cayenne and lobelia makes a good tonic. Also good for diseases of the skin and for uterine obstruction. Root must be boiled

Coriander: coriandrum satium

Part used: Seed

Aromatic, stomachic, cordial, pungent, carminative

Good stomach tonic. Strengthening to hear. Allays griping caused by other laxatives. Expels gas from bowels. Used in confections.

Corn silk: Stigmata Maidis, Zea Mays

Demulcent, diuretic

For irritable condition of urinary organs. Excellent for bed wetting (enuresis) when combined with agrimony. One of the best remedies for kidney, bladder and prostate trouble.

Creeping Jenny: European bindweed

Bleeding stopped instantly when the roots touch the wound.

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