Medicinal use of Cayenne

 Cayenne: Capsicum annuum

Part Used: fruit

Stimulant, antiseptic

One of the strongest and purest stimulants known. The key to success in medicine is stimulation. Since stimulation is so important in most every form of disease, it is a valuable adjunct to other medicines. May be used in all cases of debility, indigestion, costiveness, chills, heart failure, cayenne acts mainly upon the circulation. Its influence is immediate on the heart. Gives tone to the circulation. A good addition to cathartics to prevent griping. In constipation, cayenne stimulates the peristaltic motion of the bowels. For this purpose give daily in small doses. Cayenne is good for coughs, colds, quinsy, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and sore throat. For asthma combine cayenne with Lobelia.  For toothache, clean out cavity, place cotton saturated with oil of capsicum into cavity. Beneficial effect should last for months. One – half teaspoonful of cayenne in hot foot- bath for apoplexy. If taken with meals will help digestion. For pleurisy, three No. 4 capsules every hour should relieve pain. Wonderful for lock – jaw, combined with Lobelia. Good in cases of spring fever, lethargy, yellow fever and all other fevers. Also for hemorrhages for the lungs. In quinsy and diphtheria, apply tincture on neck. Then place a piece of flannel around neck. Infusion taken internally along with external application. Cayenne arouses all the secreting organs. Will ultimately reach every organ of the  body. It is a most persistent heart stimulant. Will heal a sore ulcerated stomach. Give frequently and in small doses.

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