Medicinal use of Celery, Chestnut, Chicory, Cleavers

Celery: Apium graveolens

Part Used: root and seed

Diuretic, stimulant, aromatic

Used in incontinence of the urine, dropsy, liver troubles, produces perspiration. A splendid tonic. Good for nervousness, neuralgia and rheumatism.


Chestnut: Castania

Part Used: Leaves


Soothing to mucous membranes and the nervous system. A specific for whooping cough (combined with blue cohosh and lobelia). Good for other coughs too. For protracted cases of hiccoughs.


Chicory: Cichorium endiva

Part used: Root

Tonic, laxative, diuretic

Disorders of kidneys, liver stomach and spleen. For jaundice.  Settles upset stomach. Tones up system. Mix chicory with coffee.


Cleavers: Galium aparine

Part Used: Whole herb

Refrigerant , diuretic, aperients, alterative tonic.

Makes an excellent wash  for the face to clear the complexion. A good blood cleanser. Excellent in jaundice, bladder stones fever, measles, eczema. Excellent in jaundice, bladder stones and dropsy. Stops bleeding of would. Good for old sores.  Cooked in broth, it is a good reducing aid.


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