Medicinal uses of Golden Seal in Cold, Flu, Stomach,Liver Trouble ,Eczema, Ringworm, Erysipelas, any Skin disease

Golden seal: Hydrastis Canadensis

Part used: Root

Laxative, tonic, alterative, detergent, opthalmicum , ant periodic aperients, diuretric, antiseptic, deobstruent .  

One of the best remedies in the whole herbal kingdom. Excellent for colds, ‘flu, stomach and liver trouble. Exerts a good influence on all mucous membranes. Excellent for open sores, eczema, ringworm, erysipelas, any skin disease. In small doses, will allay nausea during pregnancy. Equalizes circulation. Combined with skullcap and cayenne, strengthens the good for enlarged tonsils. Will improve appetite and hops for a very fine tonic for spinal nerves. Very good in spinal meningitis. Useful in all skin eruptions. Scarlet fever and smallpox. For pyorrhea, dip toothbrush in the powder and brush teeth. Useful in typhoid fever, leucorrhoea. Combined with peach leaves, queen of the meadow, cleavers and corn silk, it is good for Bright’s  disease and diabetes. Golden seal is good to bathe the eyes and Chronic catarrh. Good for malarial poisoning or enlarged spleen. For diarrhea, combine golden seal with raspberries. Sustains circulation of the blood. Golden seal and cayenne taken to prevent pain in stomach after eating. Gargle with tea for diphtheria is a powerful tonic. Children take smaller doses.

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