Polio disease symptoms, causes and prevention

Really health children do not get polio. Dr. Benjamin Sandler was of that opinion. He stopped a North Carolina polio epidemic by going to the newspapers and television with a special diet. Worried parents followed  his diet  faithfully. The polio cases dropped almost magically.

Those who are interested may read for themselves Dr. Sandler’s book, Diet Prevents Polio, published by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, 2023 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Four cases of paralytic polio were reported in Canada after they had received the oral type polio vaccine.

A two – year- old California  boy was stricken with paralysis in his legs fifteen days after taking Type III Sabin oral polio vaccine.

Investigation of a Nebraska polio outbreak showed that nine persons developed an illness comparable with acute polio between seven to twenty –two days after taking type III oral vaccine.

An article in a German medical journal reviewed 150 cases of muscle paralysis following vaccination with Type I .

In several English medical journals it was shown that polio cases were due to inoculation for diphtheria and whooping cough.

A new York city doctor blamed the upsurge of polio cases to vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin B therapy has been found effective in polio and sleeping sickness

There is also a polio risk after tonsillectomies.

Begin treatment for polio with hot, moist flannels applied to painful , contracted muscles. When the muscles become relaxed, skilful manipulation of the limb should be given by one who knows the human muscular system. When the patient is able, he should be encouraged to move the limb himself unit he can do it without help.

After pressing a nerve in the knee, the feet and arms are said to come back to place.

When the patient is able to, have him stretch until every part of the spine is involved.

Hot and cold applications to the spine have also proved effective.

The following herbs are recommended in polio cases Valerian, dandelion root, scullcap, golden seal, black cohosh catnip, red clover blossoms and yellow dock. Select one several and mix in equal parts. An excellent combination is made as follows: Equal parts of valerian, catnip, skullcap and sweet flag root. These herbs are harmless.

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