Medicinal uses of Bramhi in Brain dysfunctioning, Diabetes and Skin Ailments

One of the best available herbs among those that are considered to be highly beneficial for the brain and the entire nervous system is Bramhi. Belonging to the family Umbelliferae, the Latin name of the herb is Centella asiatica. The Sanskrit synonyms are more descriptive of  the herb like ‘Bramhi’ i.e. that what increases intellect, ‘Sarswati’ i.e. that what enhances the brain powers, ‘ Mandooki’ i.e. it is found in damp places like besides rivers and ponds and spreads like a frog.

The herb of Bramhi is generally annual and spreads of the ground. It bears small leaves that are kidney shaped and small red coloured flowers. The entire herb viz. the stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and the roots are used for medicinal purposes.


Brahmi is light by nature and cold in Acton. The taste is pungent, while the after taste is sweet. Being pungent, Brahmi is a destroyer of the heat as well as phlegm humors of the body and is thus highly efficacious in treating the related and Thancuniside.


Brain Tonic: in the Ayurvedic therapy, the herb of Brahmi is used effectively to cure ailments related to the dysfunctioning of the brain and also to revive and reinforce the efficient working of the brain. You could extract the juice from the fresh herb and take it in a dose of 10 to 20ml. another home remedy is to dry the herb in shade and make into a powder. I teaspoon of the same is to be taken with milk once cr twice a day. There are also a number of Ayurvedic formulations available   in the market, which can be taken safely to develop a sharp intellect and increase the grasping and retaining powers of your brain. It is also restorative for heart maladies.

Good for Diabetics:  Being pungent and astringent Brahmi is believed to be helpful in diabetes. The patients are thus advised to supplement the herb preparations along with their routine therapy.

Health Promoting Drug: In Ayurveda, Brahmi is considered to be a ‘Rasayana’ which means a wonder drug that helps maintain the entire bodily functions, prevents an illness and delays the debility of aging. A regular intake of the herb could ensure the fruit of health as well as a life full of vigour and vitality. All the more, it would help create immunity in your body.

Cooling and Calming: Brahmi is cold in potency and sweet in after taste. It therefore tends to curb the excessive heat and provides relief especially during summers. To fight the heat and calm your nerves, try a sweetened ‘Brahmi sharbat’ in the hot season.

For skin Ailments: A paste prepared by pounding the herb is to be applied on the skin maladies like sores, ulcers, abscess etc. this is believed to enhance the blood circulation, provide an antiseptic action and results into better healing.

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