Deal Backache with Swamp root, Pumpkin seeds, Nettle, Tansy, Uva ursi, Buchu and Wood betony

Backache is one of the most prevalent and perhaps the most painful ailment. Low backache is a common complaint in the earlier stages of osteoporosis. In osteoporosis the bones are soft or porous and may be due to a shortage of calcium

Backache may also be due to constipation, the self-poisoning from absorption of toxic
substance from the bowel into the bloodstream. The resulting debilitating state of health robs bloodstream. The resulting debilitating state of health robs the back muscles of their normal tone and strength.

Much lower-back troubles can be traced to spinal discs. Small amounts of protruding disc material squeezes out form between the vertebra and often press on nerves emerging from the spine. Then follows muscle spasm which causes some of the most intense pain.

Abdominal muscles, through lack of exercise, may not give the spine the support it needs from that area. Tough abdominal muscles are a good insurance against disc trouble.

Exercise is then important in relieving and preventing backache. One good exercise is to lie flat on the floor. Put legs in the air and go through a cycling motion. Using a slant board and cycling while on it is excellent.

Check your posture to be sure it is good. Also look to your shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can have a bad effect on the back.

Diet plays a vital role in developing a strong body which will resist back strain.

Sufficient protein of good quality will build firm tissue which will keep spinal discs properly in place.

B vitamins are of value in treating sciatica, which can result from slipped disc.

To overcome the muscle spasm which causes a great deal of backache, the blood circulation must be improved.

Swamp root, pumpkin seeds, nettle, tansy, uva ursi, buchu and wood betony are the recommended herbs.

Rosinweed root is also said to be good. Place two large tablespoonfuls of the powdered root in one quart of water. Simmer thirty minutes. One cupful four or five times a day is the recommended dose.

Regular, moderate exercise, good posture, good diet, a good back support and a firm matters are all helpful aids to prevent trouble. 

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