Importance of Herbs in Ayurveda

Herbs in Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda , herbs are used both in the form of food as well as medicine. The basic aim of Ayurvedic therapy is firstly to restore the healthy individual, and secondly to do away the affliction of the diseased one. Therefore, in order to achieve either of these objectives, A herb comes into use.

Ayurvedic treatment rests on four pillars viz. doctor, patient, helper and drug. Drug is generally referred to the herb, which comes    in extensive use in treating a disease.

The herbs are used on the principle of the existing properties, which tend to either increase or decrease the basic body humors present in the patient’s body. The three humors are ‘vatta’ or the air, ‘pitta’ or the fire and ‘kapha’ or the phlegm. A balance in all the three humors ensures health. Yet, if either of the three is distorted i.e. increased or decreased than their normal limits, this results into production of a disease.

The herbs work on simple principle that it tends to increase the humor which is similar in properties to that existing in the herb. There might be some exceptions.

The drugs ( herbs) are believed to be made up of ‘Panchbhootas’ or the five basic principles viz. earth, water, fire, air and ether. Similarly, our body is also made up of these five basic principles. Therefore , the herbs come to use in curing an ailment that crops up in the body.

This further attributes to the presence of taste, after taste, properties and actions of the particular drug. These can be acknowledged by the help of the five sense organs viz. the smell, taste, sight, touch and sound.

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