High Blood Pressure Therapy

High blood pressure is the body’s danger signal that there is trouble ahead. What causes high blood pressure or hypertension, as it is called professionally, is still a medical mystery.

There are many theories advocated. Experiments point to an insufficient blood supply to the kidneys. Overweight is also said to be a cause of high blood pressure. It is also thought to be a loss of harmony within the circulatory system. The heart and blood vessels are so harmonized that they will work normally if they are not abused.

Wrong eating and drinking habits, accompanied by poor elimination, are chief causes of high blood pressure. It is also caused by worry, fretting, anxiety and anger.

One thing is certain. There is some connection between high blood pressure and the tension of modern living. Working under constant strain and emotion-charged problems can trigger blood pressure levels.

Low blood pressure rarely if ever causes trouble unless it is extremely low. The number of people in whom low blood pressure is a serious danger is comparatively small.

If the blood pressure remains consistently high for a long period of time, it can result in serious damage to the heart.

Dangerously high blood pressure may be lowered to safer levels when an overweight person reduces high weight.

Restriction of salt should be in high blood pressure therapy.

Only four days on a protein supplement (40 grams daily) has lowered blood pressure.

Learning to relax will prevent high blood pressure and reduce it when necessary.

The arteries are so well constructed that they should last an individual one hundred years. They will renew themselves if the blood is kept pure, and they will remain soft and pliable. When the walls of the blood vessels toughen, blood pressure sores.

Three hundred and thirty three mgs of vitamin C, three times a day, has proved effective in lowering blood pressure.

Rest is imperative. A warm bath at night and plenty of sleep in a well ventilate room will do much to lower blood pressure. An afternoon nap can reduce blood pressure 15 to 30 points and calm jittery nerves.

Garlic has been proven clinically to lower blood pressure. Mistletoe has been found excellent for dizziness caused by high blood pressure. Cayenne and watermelon seeds have also been proved to be effective.

Black cohosh, blue cohosh, valerian, skullcap, golden seal and vervain are recommended herbs for high blood pressure problems. The calmative tea, skullcap, never root, valerian, catnip and peppermint will work wonder to lower blood pressure levels.

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