Home Remedies for Knee Joint Pain


Increase the Intake of Carrots:

carrot1Carrots are an orthodox Chinese remedy to cure the pain in knee joints. Just grate 2 carrots and add lemon juice to consume it raw. Carrot is useful for good ligaments health and soothing the pain.

Soaked Fenugreek Seeds (Methi):

methiThis is the easiest home remedy to get instant relief from an aching knee. You can just soak 2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds in water at night. Strain them to consume in the morning and heal your joints. Fenugreek provides warmth to the joints, making them heal faster.

Drink More Water:

waterWater is the essence of life. And yes, drinking water can help ease knee pain too! Proper water content in our body is useful to soften the cartilage around the knee and hydrated them. This also helps in maintaining a good circulation of blood to enable nutrients to reach our joints effectively. This can also be useful remove all the toxins from your knee joints to provide relief from knee pain.

Consume More Onions:

onionOnions are anti-inflammatory in nature with photochemical that stimulates the body’s immunity. Onions contain sulfur compounds that work to reduce any type of pain.

Massage Your Knee Joint:

kneemassageGently massage your knee joint with warm oil to lower the inflammation, boost circulation, and relax them. You can take 2 tsp mustard oil with 5 garlic cloves, heat it and apply when lukewarm on the knee joint to get relief.

Apply Coconut Oil:

coconutHeat 1 cup coconut oil till it’s lukewarm. Massage your knees with this natural pain reliever to stimulate blood circulation and lower knee pain.

Bathu Leaves/Fat-Hen:

bathuCrush handful of fresh bathu leaves and extract its juice. Now, drink this everyday on an empty stomach to provide your body some relief from the debilitating knee pain.

Milk and Turmeric:

milkandturmaricThis is one of the best and most popular Indian remedy to cure any kind of pain. Mix 2 tsp of turmeric powder to 1 glass of lukewarm milk. Drink it every day to stay pain free!

Fenugreek Seeds Paste:

methiRoast 2 tsp fenugreek seeds, crush them, and mix with water to make a paste. Apply this on the affected area to get relief from an aching knee.

These home remedies can offer relief from knee pain. But you’ll need to watch your weight, eat healthy, and exercise regularly to keep your knees in good health.

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