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Health and nutrition tips for Anemic Patients-“Health and Nutrition Tips”

Health and nutrition tips for Anemic Patients Spinach: is a very popular leafy vegetable that help in preventing anemia. It is a rich source of calcium, Vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber and beta carotene. It will help in improving the overall health of your body Beetroot: is known to be very effective in fighting anemia. It is a vegetable that is filled with iron content. It will...

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First aid treatment of Manganese Poisoning its causes, prevention and diagnose-“Occupational Hazards”

Manganese poisoning Manganese is a metal element found in some plants and tissues of higher animals. It is present in many foods. Poisoning occurs usually due to intake of to manganese on a regular basis. The condition is diagnosed by the presence of weakness, tremors, peculiar gait, mental disturbances, and excessive salivation. First Aid It is a Give egg white, milk or flour orally. Give gastric lavage with activated charcoal.

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First aid treatment of phosphorous poisoning its causes, prevention and diagnose-“Occupational Hazards”

Phosphorous Poisoning Acute phosphorous poisoning is seen following ingestion of rat poison, in agricultural workers who use fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides are used. The condition is diagnosed by the following features. There is pain in throat and abdomen. There is intense thirst. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea follow. There is odor of garlic on breath. Cramps are present. There is headache. Profound weakness is experienced. First Aid Give repeated stomach was...

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First aid treatment of Hypoglycemia its causes and diagnose- “Hypoglycemia”

   Hypoglycemia It is a condition characterized by a drop in blood sugar level below normal. It occurs in a person suffering from diabetes mellitus, who takes his medication but does not eat as required. The condition is diagnosed by the following features.         The person behaves abnormally. There is excessive sweating , weakness, faintness, and tremors He may become unconscious. First aid If the patient is conscious, give him...

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First Aid Treatment of Snake bite its causes and diagnose-Bites and Stings

Snake bite There are about 3000 species of snakes, of which only 250-300 are poisonous. Snakes commonly found in our country are king cobra, common cobra, common krait, common striped krait, pit viper and Russell’s viper. All snakes are not poisonous. All snake bites are not fatal. Most people die from fear and not the venom. Most snakes bite dangerous, because when the snake bites in defense, little or no...

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Medicinal use of Skullcap in Delirium Tremens, Hydrophobia, Poisonous Snake bites

Skullcap: Scutellaria Lateriflora Part used: Whole plant Nervine, tonic, antispasmodic One of the best tonic nerviness. Combined with cayenne and golden seal it cannot be surpassed for heart weakness. With lady slipper it is the best nerve tonic. Useful in hydrophobia and poisonous snake bites. Effective in delirium tremens, St. Vitus Dance, shaking palsy, convulsions. Equal parts of skullcap, nerve root, hops, catnip and black cohosh aids in morphine addiction....

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Medicinal use of Pitvan in Weakness, Fever, Asthma, Diarrhea and Blood Clean

पिटवन यह बूटी अधिकतर बंगाल, असम, त्रिपुरा, सिकिक्म, भूटान में अपने-आप यानि प्राकृतिक रूप से पैदा होती है । इसके पत्ते गोल होते हैं । उनका रंग नीला तथा सफेद होता है । काम में इसकी केवल जड़ ही आती है । गुण तथा लाभ तासीर में गर्म, मधुर, सारक, कटुतिकत तथा शमन है । इससे त्रिदोष रोग का उपचार किया जाता है । मर्दाना कमजोरी में भी इसका सेवन...

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Medicinal use of Kasoda Plant in Weakness, Constipation, Body Head, Itching.

क्सौदा इसका पौधा धरती से दो-तीन फुट ऊंचा होता है, इसकी पत्तियां जामुन की पत्तियों जैसी ही, उसी आकार की होती हैं । इसकी कोई फसल नहीं बोई जाती । यह प्राकृतिक रूप से धरती से जन्म लेता है । इस पर पीले रंग के फुल आते हैं और चपटी फलियां फल के रूप में लगती हैं । फलियों के अंदर पपटे रंग के बीज होते हैं । कुछ लोग...

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Medicinal use of “White Gourd” Herbal Medicinal Fruit.

White Gourd Among the nature’s gift for our health and vitality is white Gourd or ‘Petha’ as it is locally known. White gourd id considered to be beneficial as per our traditional therapies. In Ayurveda, it is known by the name ‘kushmand’ i.e. the seeds of which do not remit heat. The Latin name of the herb is Benincasa hispida and it belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. Properties Gourd is...

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“Dry Ginger (सांतव सोंठ)” multiple uses in Ayurveda

सांतव सोंठ सोंठ वादी को मारने वाली एक जड़ी है । इसका सेवन करने के लिए – सोंठ 10 ग्राम गुड़ 40 ग्राम इन दोनों को मिलाकर खाने से हर प्रकार कर दर्द शरीर में से बहार निकल जाता है । 10 ग्राम सोंठ को पीसकर नमक में मिलाकर घी में तल लें । अब इसे थोड़ा-थोड़ा सुबह-शाम खाना शुरू करें तो आपका शरीर चुस्त रहेगा । सफेद मुसी इससे...

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“Gram (Chickpeas)” benefits for humen body in Ayurveda

चना चना न तो कोई जड़ी-बूटी है न ही कोई वृक्ष | यह खेती-बाड़ी द्वारा पैदा  होने वाला एक पारकर का गुणकारी अनाज है | इसका पौधा एक फुट अथवा कुछ अधिक बड़ा होता है | इसकी फसल फरवरी-मार्च मास में पककर तैयार होती है | चना कच्चा हो या पक्का या इसके पत्ते हों, इसे हर पारकर से खाने के लिए उपयोगी माना गया है | चना एक है...

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“Bassia Latifolia (महुआ)” beneficial in snake bite, Arthritis or diseases

महुआ महुआ का वृक्ष काफी बड़ा और घना होता है, इस के पत्ते पीपल के पत्तों की भांति बड़े परंतु लंबाई में होते हैं । महुआ के फुल सफेद तथा फल हरा होता है | यह प्रकृति पौधा है | इसकी फसल बोई नहीं जाती | यह जंगलों में ही आम पाया जाता है | इसके फल, फुल, पत्ते, छाल सब के सब काम आते हैं । गुण तथा लाभ...

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