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Medicinal use of Yarrow in in Measles, Chickenpox, Smallpox, Hair Fall, Leucorrhoea

Yarrow: Achillea millefolium – milfoil Part used: Whole plant Astringent, tonic, alterative, diuretic, vulnerary Excellent for bleeding from the lungs. If the tea is taken freely at the beginning for a cold, mixed with elderberry blossom and peppermint, and one remains in bed, it will break up a cold in twenty- four hours., yarrow is also useful in eruptive diseases such as measles, chickenpox and smallpox. It has a very...

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Medicinal use of Water pepper in Scanty Menstruation, Uterine Troubles, Cold, Cough, Kidney Disorder

Water pepper : Polygonum punctatum – smart weed Part used: Whole plant Astringent, diaphoretic, tonic, stimulant, emmenagogue, antiseptic For scanty menstruation. All uterine troubles, gravel in bladder, colds, coughs, bowel complaints, kidney disorders. Valuable in appendicitis. Use as enema and place hot fomentation to abdomen. Used as a wash in erysipelas. Use in cold water.

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Medicinal use of Mandrake and Marigold

Mandrake: Podophyllum peltatum (May apple) Part used: Root Ant bilious, cathartic, emetic, diaphoretic, cholagogue, alterative, resolvent , vermifuge, deobstruent. Excellent liver and bowel regulator. Combine with senna. Has no equal in chronic liver disorders. Very beneficial to uterine diseases. Act upon all tissues and cells of the body. Valuable in hepatitis. One teaspoon to one pint of boiling water – one teaspoon of the tea at a time. Good in...

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