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Types and features strangulation and its first aid treatment- “Strangulation”

Strangulation Type          Feature Hanging – Suspension of the body by a noose around the neck Strangling – Constriction around the neck.   Throttling – squeezing the throat. First Aid Remove any constriction present around the victim’s neck. Support the body if you are cutting a noose around his neck while he is still hanging. Place him flat on the ground, face up. If he is not breathing,...

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First aid treatment of strangulation its causes and diagnose-“Strangulation”

Strangulation It includes hanging, strangling, and throttling. External pressure is exerted on the neck, which causes obstruction of the airway and cuts off flow of air to the lungs. Hanging and may be accidental or homicidal. Throttling is homicidal. The condition is diagnosed by the following features. The constricting article may be present around the victim’s neck. If it has been removed, its marks are found on the neck. There...

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What is Asphyxia- Its main causes and mechanism

What is Asphyxia- Its main causes and mechanism It is deficiency of oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues. It occurs due to a failure of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air and pulmonary capillaries. Various causes are as follows: Mechanism                  causes Airway obstruction–foreign body in the airway causing choking, drowning, suffocation under bed, suffocation due to a plastic bag over the...

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