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Bergamot herbal plant and its culinary and medicinal properties-History of Herbs

Bergamot-(Monarda didyma) Labiatae Perennial     This native of North America is one of the most sweetly fragrant herbs. It has mint- like foliage and honeyed heads of tousled blossoms. Propagation is by seed or root division, and sometimes cuttings, in spring, the best position for the plant is where the roots will be cool in summer, and  whose the 1.20 m (4ft) stems can catch  the sun. it is ideally...

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Medicinal use of Wood Betony in Insanity, Neuralgia, Heartburn, Indigestion, Hepatitis, Palsy Convulsions, Gout, Colic, Dropsy

Wood Betony: Betonica officinalis Part used: Leaves Aperients, stomachic, nervine, tonic , antiscorbutic Excellent for headache, insanity, neuralgia, stomach trouble, heartburn, indigestion, stomach cramp, hepatitis, palsy convulsions, gout, colic, nervous ailments dropsy, colds, ‘flu poisonous bites. Expels worms. Opens obstruction of spleen and liver. A  good formula is two parts wood betony, one part skullcap, one part sweet flag. It is a valuable herb.

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Medicinal use of Witch Hazel in Diarrhea, Nose Bleed, Haemorrhoid

Witch Hazel: Hamamelis virginica Part used: Bark and leaves Astringent, tonic, antichloristic, haemorrhages from lungs, stomach, uterus, bowels. Good in diarrhea and as an enema. For nose bleed, snuff tea up nose. Inject tea for haemorrhoid. Will restore circulation. Excellent as a gargle.

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Medicinal use of Harfarevdi “हारफारेवडी” in Stomach Disease and Digestive Disease

हारफारेवडी हारफारेवड़ी का पौधा देखने में बड़ा सुंदर होता है । इसका जन्म प्रकृतिक रूप से मैदानी क्षेत्रों तथा पहाड़ी के आसपास के खुले क्षेत्र में प्राकृतिक रूप से होता है । इसके पत्ते तीखे, लंबे कम चौड़े होते हैं, जिनका आकार कसौदी के पत्तों जैसा होता है । गुण तथा लाभ हारफारेवड़ी का फल तथा पत्ते सब के सब ही गुणकारी हैं । विशेष रूप से दिल के रोगियों...

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Medicinal use of Rasna in Fever, Stomach Disease and Cough

रास्ना रास्ना एक बेल की भांति बंगाल में प्राचीन वृक्षों पर उत्पन्न होकर फलती-फूलती है, (देखें चित्र, रास्ना की बेल एक पुराने वृक्ष से लिपटी हुई है) | रास्ना के फुल पीले रंग के होते हैं | फलियों के अंदर मोठ की भांति छोटे-छोटे दाने होते हैं | इसकी तासीर गर्म होती है | इसके सेवन से पाचन शक्ति बढ़ती है | खांसी के रोग को दूर करता है |...

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Medicinal use of Nettle in Kidney and Bladder Trouble

 Nettle: Urtica Dioca, Stinging Nettle Part used: Root and leaves Pectoral, duretic astringent, tonic, styptic, rubifacient Nettles contain iron, sulphur, potassium and sodium. Nettles are excellent for kidney trouble. They expel bladder stones, increase flow of urine. Also excellent in a reducing diet when used with sea wrack. The boiled leaves applied externally will stop bleeding almost at once.  A poultice of the green leaves will relieve pain, but will...

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Medicinal use of Myrrh in Bronchial and Lung diseases

Myrrh: Balsamodendron myrrh Part used: Powdered gum Antiseptic, stimulant, tonic, expectorant, vulnerary, emmenagogue A valuable tonic. Good in bronchial and lung diseases. Is said to remove halitosis (bad breath) when taken internally. For sick stomach, a small teaspoon of the powdered gum and of golden seal to a pint of boiling water, one teaspoon of the infusion six times a day. Made into an ointment with golden seal is excellent...

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Medicinal use of Marjoram and Milkweed

Marjoram: Origanum marhorana Part used: Whole plant Aromatic, tonic, condiment, emmenagogue A good tonic. A good combination with chamomile and gentian. Poultice very beneficial for sprains, felons, boils, carbuncles. Good for loss of appetite, eruptive diseases, suppressed menstruation. Expels gas. Increases flow of urine. Is good in hepatitis, deafness, headache, indigestion, nausea, colic, neuralgia. Oil dropped in cavity of aching tooth is said to stop pain. Will expel poisons from...

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Medicinal use of Camomile, Caraway and Cascara Sagrada

Camomile: Anthemis nobilis Part used: Flowers Tonic Produces perspiration. Promotes menstrual flow and soften skin. Good during convalescence. For quinsy, boil in water and inhale steam. Strengthens and gives tone to the stomach. Expels gas and aids digestion. Prevents fermentation in the stomach. Good in female troubles, colic in infants, intermittent fever and typhoid. Especially good for babies while teething a poultice of Camomile will often prevent gangrene and remove...

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Medicinal use of Angelica, Anise, Annatto, Arnica

Angelica: Angelica Atropurpurea, Archangel Part Used: Root and seed Stimulant, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, emmenagogue.  A good tonic. For stomach trouble, heartburn, gas, colic, colds and fever. Tea dropped into the eye helps dimness of sight. Dropped into the ears, helps deafness. Strengthens the heart. Effective in epidemics. In case of poisons, take in morning, fasting if possible. Powdered root is reputed to cause disgust of all spirituous liquors....

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Medicinal use of Aloes in Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen and Bladder problems

Aloes: aloes Vera, aloe Socotrina Part used: Leaves Cathartic, stomachic, aromatic, emmenagogue One of the best herbs to clean out the colon, promote menstruation when suppressed. Will expel worms after several doses. Start with small dose when used as a cathartic. Cleans morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder. Excellent for burns, radiation burns, cuts and bruises. For singers and speakers, clears throat. Merely cut one –quarter...

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Medicinal uses of Golden Seal in Cold, Flu, Stomach,Liver Trouble ,Eczema, Ringworm, Erysipelas, any Skin disease

Golden seal: Hydrastis Canadensis Part used: Root Laxative, tonic, alterative, detergent, opthalmicum , ant periodic aperients, diuretric, antiseptic, deobstruent .   One of the best remedies in the whole herbal kingdom. Excellent for colds, ‘flu, stomach and liver trouble. Exerts a good influence on all mucous membranes. Excellent for open sores, eczema, ringworm, erysipelas, any skin disease. In small doses, will allay nausea during pregnancy. Equalizes circulation. Combined with skullcap...

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