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First Aid Treatment of Bee and Wasp bites its causes and diagnose-Bites and Stings

Bee and Wasp bites Bees and wasps are the most harmful amongst all insects. Their stings have one type of poison in small quantity. Some people could be very sensitive to the poison and develop severe reaction to it. The condition is diagnosed by the following features. There is severe pain locally. Itching and swelling develop around the central reddened puncture point. Sting may be found in the wound. Persons...

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Medicinal use of Parsley in Hepatitis and Fever

Parsley : petroselinum sativum Part used: Root , leaves and seed Diuretic, aperients, expectorant. Juice is antiperiodic. Seed is febrifuge and  emmenagogue. Roots and leaves are excellent for difficult urination, hepatitis, fevers, obstruction of liver and spleen. For female trouble, combine leaves with equal parts of buchu, crampbark and black haw. Hot fomentation is applied to insect bites and stings. Poultice of bruised leaves is excellent for swollen glands, swollen...

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