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Medicinal use of Vervain in Perspiration, Fever, Asthma

Vervain: Verbena hastata Part used: Whole plant Tonic, sudorific, expectorant, vulnerary, emetic, nervine, emmenagogue, vermifuge  Powerfulto promote profuse perspiration. Excellent in fevers. Will often cure colds overnight. Excellent in whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, ague, expels phlegm from throat and chest. Good in all female troubles. Will increase the menstrual flow. Expels worms. Useful in nervous headache. Will tone up system convalescing form heart disease. Shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma excellent...

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Medicinal use of Kasoda Plant in Weakness, Constipation, Body Head, Itching.

क्सौदा इसका पौधा धरती से दो-तीन फुट ऊंचा होता है, इसकी पत्तियां जामुन की पत्तियों जैसी ही, उसी आकार की होती हैं । इसकी कोई फसल नहीं बोई जाती । यह प्राकृतिक रूप से धरती से जन्म लेता है । इस पर पीले रंग के फुल आते हैं और चपटी फलियां फल के रूप में लगती हैं । फलियों के अंदर पपटे रंग के बीज होते हैं । कुछ लोग...

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Medicinal use of Plantain in Sores, Ulcers and Burns

Plantain: Plantago major     Part used: Whole plant Alterative, diuretic, antisyphilitic, antiseptic astringent, deobstrunet, styptic, vulnerary. The American Indians used this herb. Both the narrow and wide leaf are good. Has soothing, cooling, healing effect on sores, ulcers and burns. Fresh leaves (crushed) will check bleeding. Useful for erysipelas, eczema burns and scalds. Make a strong tea and apply often. Inject the tea for hemorrhoids after each stool. For...

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