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10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Eyelids Cramps” its symptoms and reason

Eyelids Cramps What is Eyelids Cramps : Sometimes, eyelids tremble themselves due to neural trembling. No one can control these eyelid’s cramps. Sometimes, a person becomes unable in observing due to excessive eyelids cramps. Some persons think that right eye’s cramp is good symbol for man and left eye’s cramp for a woman. Treatment :  Take 28-55 ml. decoction of spikenard twice or thrice a day. Eyelid’s cramp reduces by taking...

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50 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Weak Eye-Sight, All Eye Diseases” its symptoms and reason

All Eye Diseases (Weak Eye-Sight) Symptoms : In this disease the patient looks nothing clearly; he looks strange things, which do not exist in real. He looks such things as flies-mosquitoes and spider wax, round things and different types of lights. Watching blurred things is the primary symptom of this disease. A patient looks far things near and nearest things far when this disease becomes serious. Eyesight becomes as weak...

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10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Conjunctivitis” its symptoms and reason

Conjunctivitis What is Conjunctivitis : Eye redness, sensation of something in eyes and pain in the eyes are the main symptoms of conjunctivitis. A person feels pain when he opens eyes. Eyes cannot bear excessive light and pressure. Water and purulent matter substance come through the eyes when this disease reaches in its prime stage. Eyelids stick to each other at night due to excessive purulent matter. Reason : Mostly,...

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