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Various types of antiseptics their features and uses in first aid treatment-“ Iodoform”

Iodoform It is an agent used for preventing the growth of microorganism. But it cannot kill microorganisms. Features: it is a mixture of iodine, alcohol and potash. It has a penetrating , rather pleasant smell. It is a mild antiseptic. It relives pain when applied to a raw mucous surface and prevents putrefaction in wounds discharging pus.  

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Wound- How to manage an infected wound and its first aid

Infected Wound Any wound that has not begun to heal after 48 hours is infected. It contains bacteria dirt and may contain a foreign body. The infection may spread elsewhere in the body and cause damage. Features of an infected wound are as follows. Pain and soreness in the wound. Swelling and redness around the wound. Pus in the wound. Fever chills. Pain, swelling and tenderness over lymph nodes draining...

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