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15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Lips Diseases” its symptoms and reason

Lips Diseases What is Lips Diseases: There are two lips. Upper lip is called aushth and lower lip is called adhar in Hindi language. Both are called lips. Diseases of the lips occur because of the blow of vata, pitta, kahpa, tirdosha, blood, flesh and eyes diseases. Symptoms : If diseases of lips occur because of vata disorder, the color of the victim becomes black and he feels pricking pain...

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35 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stammering” its symptoms and reason

Stammering What is Stammering: Repeating a word, stopping while speaking and becoming unable in appropriate pronunciation while speaking words in a fast way is called, stammering. A stammerer cannot utter words or sentence in proper way while pronouncing such words as pa, ba, ta, da, ga and ka. He feels difficulty in pronouncing these words and speaks in a lisping way. Some children and persons lisp because of fat tongue....

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