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Medicinal use of Rosemary in Cold, Colic, Nervous Ailments

Rosemary: Rosemarinus officinalis Part used: leaves and flowers Stimulant, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, tonic, astringent , diaphoretic, carminative, nervine, aromatic, cephalic Old – fashioned remedy for colds, colic, nervous ailments. Very good for nervous headache. Good mouth – wash for gums, halitosis, sore throat. Helpful in insanity. Aids digestion, cough. Strengthens the eyes. Oil used for ointments, liniment and in perfumery. Helps a weak memory, quickens the senses, clears the vision. Best...

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Medicinal use of Gotu Kola, Hops and Horehound

 Gotu Kola: Hydrocotyle asiatica Part used: leaves Leaves have a marked energizing effect on the cells of the brain and are said to preserve the brain indefinitely. It is not a stimulant, but a brain food. Powered leaves in small doses in cow’s milk for mental weakness and memory improvement. A few leaves eaten raw are said to strengthen and revitalize worn out bodies and brains to a remarkable degree....

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